Team Buffalo Clients

Whether it’s consulting in strategy, change management or culture, keeping a 5 out of 5 on Google doesn’t come easy.

We work hard to get our clients a result.

The reviews sort themselves out from there…

Ridiculously valuable.

I have been working with Travis as my professional coach since mid 2017 and he has been absolutely critical to my success and progression as a leader.

Never judging, but always there with better questions and a slight nudge to help me re-focus and re-think some of my most challenging and important decisions.

Working with Travis I have been able to lead through a significant cultural and structural change management process with a small operational team and continue that work now onto bigger and better challenges.

If you want to progress as a leader and are open and willing to change yourself as well as your team (and dont mind a coffee), I can not recommend Travis highly enough. He is my first contact with every new challenge and the first person I connect my new hires onto.

Shane Fraser


We had Travis run a 6 session Leadership workshop for our Leadership team, which I found extremely relevant and transferable to the organisational change we are moving through. Team Buffalo provides tools, acronyms and frameworks to utilise in day to day operations but also for personal and professional development.

We utilised the VISORS model and Change Management planner most recently regularly refer to the learning to refresh on the course content. Travis builds good relationships and understanding of the audience, whilst bringing a sense of humour and professionalism to his sessions to keep everyone engaged.

Team Buffalo provide you with the skills, knowledge and tools to make change and the rest is up to you to implement!

Michael Gibbings


Team Buffalo has been a game changer for our team!! Engaging everyone in an energetic way to embrace change, identify areas for improvement and communicate more effectively to achieve our goals. After each session the team were provided with easy to implement strategies across the entire business.

I also highly recommend Travis if you are looking for a professional coach, his easy going and friendly approach instantly creates a safe space. That said he will challenge you, bring a new perspective and provide a huge level of support.

Sarah Whiteley


Team Buffalo has been a huge help in working through a range of things in our business as we transition from start-up to scale up.

The insight of having someone that has been through similar scenarios in business before, has been hugely valuable in allowing us to continue to grow.

Although there is no blueprint to success, a spot for Team Buffalo on your business growth plan is the best decision you’ll make.

Ben Simpson


Travis has provided me with structure, resources, challenges and energy to create change and achieve goals.

Travis helped me identify and articulate my big ambitions and troubleshoot barriers to those big ambitions.

Travis is knowledgeable but curious, a great communicator and I felt safe sharing with him my goals and challenges.

I would highly recommend Team Buffalo and when I am hitting transition points to those big ambitions would not hesitate to work with them again.

Katrina Stratton


Travis and Team Buffalo are more than just a great consultancy that provide strategy, innovation and organisational change expertise (they do this superbly by the way). They truly understand both macro and granular factors to help organisations properly grow, and have a knack for mobilising clear pathways and tasks to make this a reality.

Travis is a badass operator (in the best possible way), having previously run one of Perth’s top executive coaching and leadership development firms.

He is a no nonsense consultant who actually likes to get his hands dirty, unlike most others. It’s been invaluable having Travis support our team, and specifically on a very challenging national-scale digital project with over 1 million users.

Nathaniel Foo

Product Lead