It all started when...

After working for 7 years at a consulting firm, running the business as Managing Director, our founder Travis Thomas started Team Buffalo with a deep belief that there can be a space for conscious, leadership driven organisations. Places we’d all love to work with a real purpose.

At Team Buffalo, we are focused on working with organisations like yours to create sustainable people centred growth. That means creating systematic, embedded change. The two most important drivers of lasting change are the leadership development and the rhythm that the systems and culture set for delivering (daily) on strategic objectives and growth targets.

We work with you to build that capacity and ensure you get a result while also creating another amazing place to work. Isn’t that what we all want?



But WHY name it BUFFALO?

When a storm approaches, cows run horizontally along the plain to get away from danger. Unbeknown to the cows, they are too slow to outrun it AND most storms move horizontally on the plain. This means cows, seeking to avoid pain, spend significantly more time stuck in pain and scrambling to survive. Poor cows.

Conversely, buffalo anticipate the storm. They monitor it and charge directly into the storm. Why? They know it means they spend less time in pain and that the best results come from embracing the inevitable change.

We believe that the best leaders behave like buffalo. They embrace the inevitable change and work with the herd to embrace it. They behave with agility like the buffalo, accepting that they need to turn and move quickly if the storm does. Embracing the change means the best possible outcome and a happy, thriving herd.

Fun fact: buffalo are also fast (can run up to 50 km per hour) and forage for 11 hours a day. Who said buffalo are lazy?

What Our Client Ben Had to say

The insight of having someone that has been through similar scenarios in business before, has been hugely valuable in allowing us to continue to grow.

Although there is no blueprint to success, a spot for Team Buffalo on your business growth plan is the best decision you'll make.

Ben s. – Director
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WHAT WE aren't & what we DON't DO

  • We aren't boring
  • We don't bill for work we don't do
  • We don't leave until the work is done
  • We don't tell you what you want to hear, we tell you what you need for growth
  • We aren't a generic training company
  • We don't do soft skills, we do change that tackles the reality of business and people

Who we are & what we do

  • We deliver work we are proud of (without exception)
  • We know our sh*t
  • We are here when you need us (seriously)
  • We have a no d*ckheads policy when it comes to the team and clients
  • We love cake, memes and having fun
  • We set the bar high, really high


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