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No more “going at it alone”


Leadership is difficult… no, leadership is $@#% difficult!

We know that because we’re leaders and have worked with hundreds of leaders through the pain, challenges and changes that leading requires.

You know what that pain is like. It’s working late to deal with that missed deadline your team member had. It’s trying to get the team to work effectively together after they’ve decided they don’t want to talk to each other. It’s dealing with a staff member resisting change because they weren’t “engaged” early enough. Does it really need to be this difficult?


Think about the last time you needed to have a difficult conversation. Did you feel like you had no idea where to start? Like most people, maybe you looked up your local “training” provider to find they don’t run their next course for 48 days.

What the h3ll? You can’t wait that long! Nothing worse than knowing you need the skills and can’t get to them. On top of that, who wants to sit in a classroom for eight hours???

Training is fine, coaching is better, but how do you really move from going it alone to being part of a herd of leaders that lift each other’s game while developing themselves? How do you get those skills you need on-demand, with practical tools that you can grab and use right away?

That’s where Team Buffalo comes in. We provide the community, micro-learning, full courses, live events, office hours, and everything else you need all bundled into one amazing platform that is where you need it (desktop, Android, iPhone) when you need it at any time. New content, new skills, new connections but never a boring classroom.

Don’t wait 2 months for the next training course or spend another moment taking that management article and trying to translate it into a useful tool. Join the right herd and make lead differently TODAY.

Dive into on-demand courses, content, community, coaching, and events to uplift your leadership skills. All combined in one powerful platform!

Unlike classroom-based training (highly ineffective), this is your on-demand course hub. The Storm Facer membership includes access to on-demand courses including new courses added every quarter. You can retake them as often as you want and the modules are all short, bite-sized video content with supporting tools. You can take the tools and learning straight back into the workplace.



What our customers say:

Working with Travis I have been able to lead through a significant cultural and structural change management process with a small operational team and continue that work now onto bigger and better challenges.

If you want to progress as a leader and are open and willing to change yourself as well as your team (and don’t mind a coffee), I can not recommend Travis highly enough. He is my first contact with every new challenge and the first person I connect my new hires onto.

– Shane Fraser, Manager


What our customers say:

Team Buffalo has been a game changer for our team!! Engaging everyone in an energetic way to embrace change, identify areas for improvement and communicate more effectively to achieve our goals. After each session the team were provided with easy to implement strategies across the entire business.

I also highly recommend Travis if you are looking for a professional coach, his easy going and friendly approach instantly creates a safe space. That said he will challenge you, bring a new perspective and provide a huge level of support.

– Sarah Whiteley, Coordinator


What our customers say:

Team Buffalo has been a huge help in working through a range of things in our business as we transition from start-up to scale up. The insight of having someone that has been through similar scenarios in business before, has been hugely valuable in allowing us to continue to grow. Although there is no blueprint to success, a spot for Team Buffalo on your business growth plan is the best decision you’ll make.

– Ben Simpson, Director


What our customers say:

Travis has provided me with structure, resources, challenges and energy to create change and achieve goals. Travis helped me identify and articulate my big ambitions and troubleshoot barriers to those big ambitions. Travis is knowledgeable but curious, a great communicator and I felt safe sharing with him my goals and challenges. I would highly recommend Team Buffalo and when I am hitting transition points to those big ambitions would not hesitate to work with them again.

– Katrina Stratton, Politician


What our customers say:

Travis and Team Buffalo are more than just a great consultancy that provide strategy, innovation and organisational change expertise (they do this superbly by the way). They truly understand both macro and granular factors to help organisations properly grow, and have a knack for mobilising clear pathways and tasks to make this a reality.

Travis is a badass operator (in the best possible way), having previously run one of Perth’s top executive coaching and leadership development firms. He is a no nonsense consultant who actually likes to get his hands dirty, unlike most others. It’s been invaluable having Travis support our team, and specifically on a very challenging national-scale digital project with over 1 million users.

– Nathaniel Foo, Product Lead


What our customers say:

Travis has been a huge help in assisting with my career progression, as I moved into a complex role with a dramatic increase in direct reports from a widely diverse team; Travis’ advice has helped me navigate this change successfully and assisted in lifting my performance. His easy going nature coupled with excellent cross sector and interpersonal knowledge makes him an excellent resource for anyone wanting assistance on building team culture, better management techniques, career progression or even work/life balance strategies.

– Brian Murphy, Director



Why Us?

We create measurable people and financial outcomes for you and your team.

We tie together leadership, culture and strategy to level-up your organisation; combining all of the key elements you care about as a kick@ss leader.

Our approach involves a tailored combination of custom built coaching, consulting and/or workshops to meet your evolving need.

Results for your organisation: it’s our singular focus.

Meet Your Coach & Change Partner

Travis Thomas

At Team Buffalo we have a deep belief that kick@ss leaders create amazing organisations. Places we’d all love to work with a real purpose. Leadership isn’t easy, but you don’t need to go it alone. You’re part of the right herd that faces the storms of change. We’ve helped hundreds (literally) of leaders do just that. Want to learn more about?

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