People and Culture

Unlocking your greatest resource: your amazing people


Are your leaders and Teams crushing goals?

Or are they crushing souls?


You can't grow your orgnisation without caring for and investing in your people

People, culture and change are d@mn hard. Leaders need to be like a Swiss Army Knife: agile, adaptive, EQ savvy and strategic (sheesh). Your leaders’ propensity for change and self-awareness are the key drivers for enduring growth.

We work with teams like yours to build growth mindsets and affect deep change. We obsess over the daily habits and routines within the organisation to drive outcomes and ensure that you and your team thrive. We're your partner in people development, culture and change.

Our coaching, programs and culture change initiatives consistently create results for our clients.

How we create value

Culture is a MASSIVE bucket. What we do across there ranges from one on one development of leaders to whole of organisation change. Some of the key ways we help you achieve people and culture results are:

  • Unpack change resistance and create change that lasts

  • Foster a culture of innovation and improvement

  • Coach new and seasoned leaders alike to unlock growth

  • Train your leaders in the modern skills they need to lead today's teams

  • Tackle habits and routines that are blocking your progress

  • Improve the way your meetings and team work for you, instead of against you

Leaders building better leaders: how we make shift happen

All too often leaders are sent on generic training courses, to no avail. Our focus is on busting up that habit and helping you start with your goals first. After that, we focus on strategies and approaches that create real culture change.
We aren't 9-5 coaches that are 'by appointment only', nor do we live in a classroom. Our consulting, coaching and workshops are short, sharp and experiential. We are focussed on habit change and growth, not boring training.
We've been told our approach is fresh, modern and practical. That comes from being leaders ourselves that have led real companies and teams. We balance modern approaches with lived experience to create REAL change.

Here’s what our clients say about People and Culture services

Trusted by amazing
PEOPLE like you

  • ”I have found Team Buffalo to be professional, effective and focussed. The coaching is great and I can work on topics and apply learning and approaches immediately. I have been impressed by the depth of thinking and capacity to understand and give perspectives that are useful and human. There is a keen appreciation that financial results and people results go together and this can pose difficult questions at times. I also find the no fuss energy an enjoyable relief. I happily recommend Team Buffalo.”

    — Bruce M., General Manager

  • ”The process of working with Team Buffalo was excellent - professional yet approachable, and very clear around how the project would work. The project has been broken down into phases with clear outputs as well, which has been useful to ensure we are getting exactly where we need to be and maintain transparency over our budgets”

    — Claire A., Manager

  • ”Team buffalo have been an amazing support over the last few months in assisting with some very big deliverables. Their professionalism is superb. They are incredibly knowledgeable in many areas of business and have assisted in key deliverables and have provided valuable coaching and tips along the way! Thanks to the Buffalo Team!”

    — Karla S., Manager

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