Burned out? 4 quick tips to get back on track

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Overworked and burned out?

Last time we chatted about Destructive Self Doubt (DSD I call it). I received heaps of emails saying it hit home for many of you.

This week, I want to hit you with the next truth bomb:

If you’re a high-achiever, chances are you’re burned the f**k out (or about to be).

Here’s what you need to know about the causes and some quickfire tips to re-energise and overcome burn out:

It happens and here’s why

Even the greatest achievers burn out.  Holding consistently high standards of achievement without any re-energisers just isn’t possible.

The ‘hustle’ culture does hold up and does work, BUT you need to refuel the tank. Before we get on to that, let’s like at why you run out of fuel (burn out) to begin with:

  1. People are running your day – this old chestnut is a classic. As a leader, it’s easy for people to load up your day, every day, with their problems and administrative non-sense. While this stuff is urgent, it’s often not important… or doesn’t drive your strategic agenda. Not good.
  2. You’re doing $hit you hate – just like you, I hate doing certain tasks OR I’m so inefficient that doing them expends way too much energy. These tasks need to be sorted through a few key mechanisms. More on that in a bit.
  3. You’re not allowing time for inspiration – producing deliverables, doing admin work, fighting fires, etc all add up. While it can feel nice to power through those, they generally are uninspiring. You need inspiration and thinking time.
  4. You’ve been doing it for too long without a break – As a repeat business owner and leader, I know the pain that comes from running on the ‘treadmill’ for months and years on end. Eventually, you trip and fly off the treadmill, no matter how strong you are.

Let’s light that fire again

Remember, holding consistently high standards of achievement without any re-energisers just isn’t possible. Don’t end up like that guy on the treadmill.

The Rock has his weekly cheat meal, Elon has Twitter (I’m not saying anything on that…) and most every other superhuman has a means of recovery/inspiration.  That means you can (and must) too.

How do you do that? Here are some places to start:

  • Take back control — I’ve coached dozens of leaders on this so it’s a big topic BUT to start with you can do some quick things to take back control. 1. don’t accept meeting invites without a clear reason for you to attend 2. force your team to solve their own problems and only seek advice from you where critical 3. tell people no on things that don’t add value.
  • Remove the $hit you hate — I love delivering workshops that create impact BUT I hate doing the graphic design of the models. I’ve got a kick@ss member on my team who can take my terrible whiteboard sketch and turn it into something beautiful. You have to aggressively get rid of things you hate by either outsourcing, delegating or saying no!
  • Program in inspiration — I spent two hours (that’s tricky with my diary!) last week working on the next round of strategic planning for our business. It was inspiring and timely in refreshing my thinking on the company we are building here. You have to build in time for your inspiration.
  • Take the time to reset (seriously) — The guilt that comes from ‘resting’ is immense for people who are constantly focused on achievement BUT if you don’t rest, you will fall over. I’ve seen leaders end up in the hospital from exhaustion. Take time to rest and do something that isn’t work; even if only for a couple of hours on the weekend.

You’ve got this

That’s enough to get you started.

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