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4 Questions to Smash Your Self-sabotage Struggle

You’re a bad@ss and have mountains of talent.

Unfortunately, you’re probably sabotaging yourself in some pretty crappy ways.

There’s a classic line that says ‘we are our own worst enemies’. I think life’s a bit more complicated than that BUT you definitely could be causing havoc for yourself unnecessarily.

Well, what better way to start your week than to kick that self-sabotage in the face and level up your growth game.

Here are some quickfire questions to get your week started:

  1. What weaknesses have I given myself a pass on? I hear a lot of leaders say ‘I’m not very good at this or that’. Are you sure? Have you told yourself you have a weakness that maybe you don’t have/could fix?
  2. What bad habit is blocking my goal? We get in our own way a lot more than almost anything else does. Are you procrastinating, taking it too easy, etc?
  3. What decision aren’t I making? If you’re going to start that new business, do it or don’t. If you are going to have that difficult conversation, do it or don’t. IN EITHER CASE, you need to finally make a decision and get going with making progress.
  4. What horrible thing do I tell myself that I’d be embarrassed to say aloud? It’s terrible some of the shit we tell ourselves. I’m too ugly, too stupid, undeserving, etc. F**K THAT. If you’d be embarrassed to say it aloud, then you need to dig into what BS you’re telling yourself. You’re amazing. Believe in yourself more than you do.

Still, stuck after those questions? Shoot us an email and we can dig in and smash through it.

– Travis

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